How to use a joint roller

If you don’t know How to use a joint roller we can help you out. It’s really easy. I will try to guide you into making the perfect joint in your joint roller.

Before we begin with the joint roller or with the actual making of the joint. Let’s start at the beginning. What’s the most important thing we should do first? Clean out all the seeds and stems in the cannabis you are making the joint with. Of course, if you have premium weed, you won’t have seeds!

Why remove the seeds and stems? One, the seeds will explode and give the joint a bitter taste. The stems should be removed so that the paper doesn’t tear whilst you smoke. Take what’s left and whip out your grinder and get to grinding.

Work the cannabis down to a powdery looking pile of grounded herbs. Now you’re ready to get rolling.

There are two types of joint rollers electric and manual. We will be showing you how to use a joint roller manually and electrically.

Electric joint roller.

The electric joint roller is simple to use.  All you need to do is add the cannabis, the filter and the paper to the machine. Push the button, and the machine does the rest. Within seconds, you have a factory rolled cannabis cigar.

Manual joint roller.

Now we get to the hands-on way of how to use joint roller. First, check to see if the paper size machines the joint roller you have, otherwise it will be either to little or too much cannabis in the joint roller.

Next, wipe the inside of the joint rollers belt with a little alcohol and let it dry for a minute. Don’t worry, it can be removed from the mold and it goes back into the roller. Now that you cleaned the joint roller and have the cannabis ready to add to the roller.  We can commence.

Push the belt down gently back into the joint roller. No that the belt is in a U type form add the mulled cannabis to the belt. Using your small finger or match, firmly push the cannabis material down. You can add more if needed. You can make a fat joint of a slim joint.

This depends on the heaviness of your hand.

Now comes the fun look into the inside slides of the joint roller and have the slide face toward you. Be careful not to break the slide when closing the joint roller. Now that you have the joint roller closed, start to roll the two rollers at your fingertips. Keep rolling till you’re certain that the cannabis material is firm enough for the next stage.

After rolling for a few seconds, the cannabis material should be firmly rolled.  Not to tight or your joint will have a low airflow and you will need to drag hard to smoke.

Now open the joint roller and take out a sheet of paper. Make sure that when you add the paper, that the glue strip is facing you. Now tuck the sheet into the far side of the joint roller. Slowly work the paper down so it’s secure in the roller. Now it should be behind, which will soon be the outside of the joint. Close the joint roller and work the paper into the form of the cannabis material. Not unlike before you will need to roll your finger down words to make sure the paper and the cannabis material take the same round form.  

Now that you have both cannabis and paper molded together open the joint roller again and roll the paper till you see the glue strip again. Now, gently lift the part with the glue strip and dip your small finger in some water or saliva. All you need is a drop of water. Slide your finger along the glue strip making sure that the whole strip is wet and slippery.

Don’t make it too wet or you will need a new sheet of paper because the glue has dissolved. Before closing the roller, you need to decide if you’re adding a filter, if yes add the filter in either the left or right side as long as it’s on one side.

Now close the joint roller and start rolling downwards again. Roll a few times over and there you have it. A perfectly rolled joint.

There is no way that you could have mess that one up. And if in case you did. Rip the paper off and start all over again until you get it perfect.

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